Lauren and Alex… engaged!!

*update*  I originally posted this blog on February 1o, 2012, but I thought I would move it to it’s chronological place.  Thanks for looking!

As I was sitting here and watching the snow fall outside I starting daydreaming about summer.  I love summer – wearing sundresses and drinking lemonade and eating food on sticks and going to fairs.  Which made me think of Lauren and Alex; we did an engagement session last summer that was  It was 1000 degrees that day but we still had a wonderful time!  It was Lauren’s idea to do the shoot at the Bluegrass Fair and I was way into it.  They are such a fun couple and I know their wedding in August is going to be even better!

Since the shoot was pre-blog, I thought this snowy day is the perfect day to share it (and the perfect way to procrastinate on getting some housecleaning and laundry done!)

So, from July 23rd, 2011 – here are Lauren and Alex!

Don’t let this photo fool you – Lauren was the winner!

Someone threw up on this ride right after we took this.

Lauren and Alex – thank you for such a fun day that still makes me smile seven months later.  You guys are awesome.



3 thoughts on “Lauren and Alex… engaged!!

  1. I don’t know Lauren and Alex, but I feel I do, as you’ve seemed to capture them so well in this shoot! What a lovely couple, and thank you for the reminder that summer is indeed around the corner!


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