This is my favorite time of year, though it causes me some anxiety about wanting to catch the leaves before they are gone.  At least the weather got cool again… it drives me crazy when it is hot out and the leaves are changing.  I need my seasons to match up!  I can’t believe that it’s almost November.  I’m looking forward to being able to drive and see my family during the holidays (and not having to fly!  I have horrible luck in airports during the holidays.)

Oh!  And I made this fan banner!  My sewing skills are laughable at best, but really I’m just excited that it came out looking how I had imagined it (or have seen on the internet.)  I used it this morning at a baby shoot and it was pretty cute!

I have another shoot this afternoon in Midway, Kentucky.  This small town is quickly becoming one of my favorite places here.  It is Kentucky charm times ten.

I’ll have several previews up next week – happy Sunday!


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