The girls of Brittany and Jason’s wedding

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!  I think I am still recovering – my December and early January were a blur of holiday goodness.  I went to visit my parents in Illinois with my gentleman friend for a few days and then his sister came out from Seattle to stay in Lexington for a week.  We became fast friends when we were both living in Seattle and I am so glad each time I get to see her!

In the midst of all that, on New Years’ Eve Eve (December 30th) I photographed Brittany and Jason’s wedding in Midway, Kentucky!  I won’t say too much about it since I will be doing a full blog about it soon (when I get all the editing done!) but I thought I would share a few shots with some of the cutest girls this side of the Mississippi (do people say that when they mean the east side?)  You may remember Faith from this shoot.  Brittany had emailed me before the wedding saying that Faith had been talking about me and was so excited to see me again!  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

The wonderful Miss Faith!

There are so many more to come!  I can’t wait to share them with you – the whole day was amazing!


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