Boone Creek Outdoors

I was really excited when Smiley Pete Publishing contacted me about this story.   Burgess Carey owns this land along Boone Creek and is working on turning the area into a eco-tourism spot with mountain biking trails, hiking trails, and a zip line canopy tour.  You can read the article in Business Lexington.  It’s a pretty ambitious project that has been met with a lot of criticism, but I feel like this would be a great thing for central Kentucky.  You should check out Boone Creek’s Facebook page – make sure to check out the pods where you can sleep in the treetops!  Seems so neat – as long as you’re not afraid of heights (or that your pod can move and sway in the breeze.)  I would love it!  I put a lot of faith in engineers.  🙂

Anyway, the property is amazing – and so diverse.  Burgess took Erik (the writer of the story) and me on a two-hour hike around the property.  I wish that I started every morning with a long hike – I felt great after!

I got there early, about 7:45am.  It was a very cold day, and frost was everywhere!

The road down to the Angler’s Lodge.

Bones and things found on the property.

Stairs down to the creek.

These trees are crazy.  And prehistoric.

Send in the cows…

Hey cow.


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