Table 310

***UPDATE*** – Table 310’s new website is up and running!  Check it out here:!

A little disclaimer:  My gentleman friend is the chef at this restaurant.  But before he started working there, this was our favorite place.  We loved to go there and share a bottle of wine and talk and eat so. much. food.  It is unlike any place in Lexington; the beauty of it is while you’re there, you feel like you could be anywhere – Seattle, Denver, NYC.  For us, it was a welcome departure from the TV filled restaurants that make up the most of Lexington’s restaurant scene.  The owner, Krim Boughalem, has a real gift for creating beautiful spaces (he is the former owner of Wine + Market.)  When we first ate at Table 310, their menu mostly consisted of charcuterie and cheeses but now they have a full menu that changes often.

Photo of 310 West Short Street from 1881.

The chalkboard menu changes daily.

Duck confit salad, Stilton blue cheese, vanilla vinaigrette Pear and apple stuffed quail, house made bacon, quail egg

Keep an eye out for their new website coming soon!

p.s.  We still go on dates here – a little less intimate since we know everyone, but still just as delicious and fun!


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