Sophia’s Agra Hadig

In Armenia, when a baby gets its first tooth, a ceremony called the Agra Hadig is performed to predict which profession they will go into – and to grant them luck and good fortune.  I love traditions, customs, rites of passages, and milestones of all kinds so I couldn’t wait to learn more about this one.  I took to google to provide myself with some information so I wouldn’t be unprepared on the day of the ceremony!

What happens is this:  if the ceremony is in the afternoon, only women can come and only sweets are served.  If it’s in the evening, men and women can come and a traditional Armenian dinner is served.  Sophia’s was in the afternoon so it was all ladies present.  The baby is sat on the floor with a veil over her head and surrounding her are little trinkets.  These include a small Armenian bible (to symbolize scholarly or religious pursuits), a knife (to symbolize a doctor), a musical instrument (symbolizing an affinity for music), scissors (a tailor or a seamstress), a paintbrush (artistic), a pencil (writer or teacher), money (banker/financial) and a ballet shoe (included by Ani just in case Sophia is going to be a ballerina.)  Whichever object the baby picks up will be indicative of their future.  Also, while the selection process is happening, a woman (in this case Sophia’s grandmother) will pour a mix of cooked lentils, bulgur, and candies over the baby’s head.  Then everyone eats a little of the wheat mixture and good fortune is granted!

getting ready

basket of trinkets

Avery, Sophia's baby friend

sitting with big sister, Ani

So cute!

It is very rare that I make all the photos black and white but in this case it seemed appropriate.

Also, Sophia chose the drum almost immediately – taking after Ani who is a very talented piano player!

(Check out the Star Wars Agra Hadig here!)


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