Reva Dawn Salon

Reva Williams is a musician as well as a dear friend of mine.  She was in the band Gretel while she was living in Boston, but now she is working on her solo project, the Reva Dawn Salon, here in Lexington.  She also has some other projects – musicians always seem to have several things going at once.  I have always been drawn to them, or it seems like they are drawn to me.

So, Reva and I came up with this project for her solo album.  Distilled down, it is a tea party with taxidermy.  Special thanks to Hunter Guyon, who provided the animals and to Brian Surbaugh, who assisted and carried things and provided comic relief.

I’m heading to Nashville next week (for my first time ever!) and I’m pretty excited.  I’m working on another music photo project down there – I can’t wait to get it started!

Happy Thursday!


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