Introducing little Henry!

I went back to Colorado two weeks ago to see my friends Brett and Megan and to meet their new guy, Henry.  Megan and I have been friends for a long time – from being housemates in Denver and living in Seattle.  We were sitting on our roof five years ago (right before we both moved to Seattle) and we were wondering what our lives would become in that vast, mythical future.  We had no idea at that point that just five years later I would be living in Kentucky and Megan would be back in Colorado with a baby!  Life is funny sometimes.

On the day of our shoot it was pretty cloudy, but at the very end the sun popped out and gave us one of those spectacular Colorado sunsets.  And, two days later it snowed ten inches!  Always unpredictable.

IMG_5642IMG_5709 IMG_5704IMG_5798 IMG_5928 IMG_6038Poor Henry was done with photos here.

IMG_6090 IMG_6160


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