Mother’s Day is almost here!  I need to work on my gift-giving – my mom got a card (sorry to ruin the surprise Mom!)  Tinley’s Dad got her Mom a photo shoot for Mother’s Day, and that is waaaaay better than a card.  (Can she get any cuter?)



So, instead of a card I would like to thank my Mom for always being there for me, and supporting me in following my dreams.  My mom always raised me to believe that I could do anything I set my mind to, and for a long time I didn’t really believe her.  But here I am.  And it’s because even when I had my doubts, my mom was there saying, “I know you can.”   My mom is a wonderful lady, and I’m sure I don’t tell her enough.  I love you Mom!  Thank you for everything.




2 thoughts on “Moms…

  1. But it’s a beautiful card with a heartfelt sentiment. And greatly appreciated! Wow. You really know how to touch your Mom’s heart! Thank you so much for the beautiful words and thoughts. I am very proud of you and feel blessed that I have a daughter that is kind, caring and thoughtful AND the most amazing photographer!! I love you Emily.


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