Meaghan’s baby shower

Meaghan is a very good friend of mine, and I was very excited to help throw her a baby shower.  I’m pretty sure that this was the first baby shower that I’ve ever to been to (how is that possible?)  It was amazing!  I was stoked to make something for a decoration and decided (after a thorough search of baby shower ideas on pinterest) to make a onesie banner.   I love decorations that are multi purpose!  All of them seemed pretty plain or very gender-related which was disappointing (Meaghan and Adam are not finding out the baby’s gender.)  I was telling Mary Walker’s mom about it (who is amazing at party planning/styling – check out MW’s first birthday party) and she gave me the idea about stitching animal silhouettes on the onesies and I was hooked.  I had hinted to Meaghan about this ‘secret’ amazing thing I was making before I had even started, so I was a little nervous going in.  But I couldn’t believe how well it came out!  Did I bring my camera to take photos of the banner?  Maybe… but I was so glad I did.  Haley did an amazing job at decorating and styling… everything was perfect.  And Meaghan was so radiant – cannot wait to meet this little baby!  (I don’t want to brag, but the baby already loves me.  It lets Meaghan know when I’m around.)  🙂

IMG_0055 IMG_0093 IMG_0104 IMG_0120 IMG_0130 IMG_0141 IMG_0185
IMG_0257Three (and a half) generations!

IMG_0304-3First photo of me on the blog!  🙂

The beautiful cake and scones (and decorations!) made by the lovely Haley – the mastermind behind Wildflour Scones & Tea.

Macaroons by Martine’s Pastries!


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