Peri and Drew… Married!

Such a sweet wedding at Spring Valley Golf Club!  Congrats Peri and Drew – I loved celebrating with you!

IMG_5720 IMG_5747 IMG_5791 IMG_5820 IMG_5842 IMG_5920 IMG_5992 IMG_6035 IMG_6169 IMG_6237-2 IMG_6279 IMG_6427 IMG_6520 IMG_6570 IMG_6610 IMG_6647 IMG_6662 IMG_6701 IMG_6783 IMG_6834 IMG_6934 IMG_6955 IMG_7113 IMG_7140 IMG_7211 IMG_7270 IMG_7286 IMG_7308 IMG_7439

A special thank you to the vendors who made this day so amazing:

Venue:  Spring Valley Golf Club 

Hair:  Shelby Anderson at Fleet Street Hair Shoppe

Make up:  Emily Wilson

Florist:  Martha’s Vineyard

Cake:  Carla Greenwald

Catering:  Dottie’s Catering

Bridal gown:  Mori Lee

Thank you!!!


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