Kathy & Jay… married!

You may remember Kathy and Jay from their engagement session from last summer.  We had a blast then, and I knew their wedding would be even more so.  These two make my heart so happy – it was a beautiful day full of laughter and sweet moments.  And the wedding was in Midway – which is one of my most favorite small towns in Kentucky!

IMG_5625 IMG_5474 IMG_5664 IMG_5706 IMG_5879 IMG_5947 IMG_5980 IMG_6039 IMG_6139 IMG_6162 IMG_6287 IMG_6463 IMG_6513 IMG_6556 IMG_6586 IMG_6626 IMG_6659

A quick stop for a little taste of bourbon at Heirloom in Midway.  🙂

IMG_6689 IMG_6770 IMG_6780 IMG_7087 IMG_7138 IMG_7258 IMG_7418

A special thank you to the vendors who helped make this day so awesome:

Cake:  Martine’s Pastries

Reception Venue:  Hilton Downtown Lexington

Bride’s attire:  Wendy’s Bridal

Groom’s attire:  Vera Wang Tuxedo


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