Italy, part 1

I was fortunate to spend two lovely weeks in Italy during February.  It was great to escape Kentucky (and the polar vortex) to the balmy 50 degrees of Northern Italy.  My friend Katie and I spent Valentines Day in Verona (home of Romeo and Juliet) and they had the place decked out.  There were hearts on hearts on hearts.   It was great.

IMG_7570 IMG_7583 IMG_7597 IMG_7630-2

Thanks, Katie, for being so patient and the best model.  I don’t know if she fully realized that every day would become a photo shoot.   But we took a lot of drink breaks, so that helped!  ❤  IMG_7648

Also, we took a lot of cafe sitting and people watching breaks.  This man with the purse and balloons stood in that spot for about 15 minutes waiting for his lady.  So sweet. IMG_7660 IMG_7662 IMG_7673 IMG_7687 IMG_7700 IMG_7737

We went to an awesome antique market in Padova.  I loved all those old phones!


And then to Venice!  IMG_7741 IMG_7750-3Katie’s husband was able to join for us for a day!
IMG_7754 IMG_7762 IMG_7766 IMG_7784 IMG_7794 IMG_7799 IMG_7802 IMG_7803 IMG_7834
IMG_7863St. Marks Square is way more incredible than I thought it would be.  In my head it was going to be just another piazza.  So not the case.   Later in the trip I returned to Venice for a few days, and Carnevale was in full swing.   It was incredible!


You will see it in Part 2 – coming soon (ish!)  🙂


Also, if you’re on Instagram you can see more photos (most are spontaneous iPhone photos) – follow me @emilymoseley.  ❤




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