Lindsey and Spencer… married!

I loved this wedding at Shaker Village last spring!  The day started off very rainy but in the afternoon the skies cleared and it became the perfect day. Spencer and Lindsey are so in love and are surrounded by so much love, it was incredible.


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Thank you to all the vendors who helped make this day so amazing!

Venue and Catering:  Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill 

Cake: Martine’s Pastries

DJ:  JK-47

Florist:  the bride and Best of Flowers

Bride’s Hair: Josh Grambrell from Cha-Cha’s of Lexington

Bride’s gown: Bonny Bridal

Bride’s necklace and bracelet: Kate Spade

Groom’s attire: Ralph Lauren

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Boden

Bowties: Made by the bride




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