Hello there!

When you tell people that you are moving to Kentucky you get a lot of bizarre looks. But I moved here with dreams of hollers and horse fences, of Loretta Lynn and Sally Mann. I love it here. I’ve lived a lot of places (most recently – Seattle; the longest – Denver) but this is the first time that I’ve lived in the Bluegrass.

I love to travel and my favorite version of myself is Emily on vacation (other people have also told me this – I’m a lot of fun!) So I figured, why not do something that makes me feel like that for a job? So after a few years of tap dancing around it here I am. And it’s awesome.

I love to take photographs. My first camera was a 110 camera with the six bulb flash attachment. I still have some of the photos I took with that camera – mostly our dogs Honey and Brandy, but once my dad in bear slippers and smoking! (My dad hasn’t smoked in 25 years.) I once took a polaroid at the top of Niagara Falls when I was maybe 8 or 9. We were at the edge of the falls, and the photo was where the land stopped and water fell over. It was all rock and water. It terrified me every time I looked at it and I couldn’t believe that I took it. But my favorite subjects have always been people and things that remind me of people.

I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from the University of Colorado- Denver and I draw on this background to create portraits that are timeless. My intention is to give you a photograph that you will love today, but that will be priceless to you in the years to come. And to have a lot of fun of course!


Self-portrait with iPhone.  🙂

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