Alicia & Curtis… engaged!

I love when engagement sessions and family sessions come together. We just missed a crazy thunderstorm and had a great time downtown. This family is so great! I can’t wait for their wedding this fall! | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0001 | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0002 | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0003 | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0004 | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0007

Jennifer & Charlie… engaged!

This shoot had all of my favorite things: nature, old buildings, and dogs. And two awesome people! ❤ | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0010 | Lexington KY wedding photographer_0011

Lindsey and Spencer… married!

I loved this wedding at Shaker Village last spring!  The day started off very rainy but in the afternoon the skies cleared and it became the perfect day. Spencer and Lindsey are so in love and are surrounded by so much love, it was incredible.


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Thank you to all the vendors who helped make this day so amazing!

Venue and Catering:  Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill 

Cake: Martine’s Pastries

DJ:  JK-47

Florist:  the bride and Best of Flowers

Bride’s Hair: Josh Grambrell from Cha-Cha’s of Lexington

Bride’s gown: Bonny Bridal

Bride’s necklace and bracelet: Kate Spade

Groom’s attire: Ralph Lauren

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Boden

Bowties: Made by the bride



AbiGail and Chance… married!

I’m not sure what it’s like where you live, but it’s freezing in Kentucky.  Makes me think of warmer spring days, and of AbiGail and Chance’s wedding on a horse farm in Paris, Kentucky.  It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and warm breezes. *sigh*

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Thank you to all the vendors who made this magical day!

Wedding Planner and Florist: Doug Smith Designs

Second Shooter: Ryan Filchak

Bride’s Hair: Amanda Roe & Laura Brooke Hilander from Tangled Salon

Bride’s gown: Pronovias

Groomsmen’s bow ties:  Bird Dog Bay Bow Ties

Make-up: Tara Joe Taylor

Cake: Tonya Florence

Catering:  Catering by Donna

Late night catering: The Gastro Gnomes Food Truck

DJ: Pure Sound & Entertainment

Rentals & Lighting: Events with Design




Sam and Brian’s wedding (preview)

It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged anything – this year has been crazy. Winter is coming (I turned on our heat last night!) so soon I will have time to get back to the blog.  I’ve been a part of some sweet weddings this year and I can’t wait to share!


This wedding was on the first (real) day of fall. It was chilly, leaves were everywhere, the bride wore a jacket – I loved it. I’m excited to edit the rest of the photos – I’ll be obsessed with Sam’s dress for a while! It was a tulle dream. | Lexington, Kentucky  wedding photographer

Faron & Sammy… engaged!

I may become an early morning shoot convert after this one.  We started at National Boulangerie, and then went to Woodford Reserve, which is beautiful!  Their little boy even made a couple of appearances.  🙂 | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer | Lexington KY wedding photographer